10 Ways to Refresh & Re-energize Yourself



Breathing fresh air. Cuddling with a loved one. Laughing at a funny joke.

We all need to find a few moments each day, a few days each month and a few weeks each year to refresh & rejuvenate ourselves.

The stress of our daily grind can wear us out unless we take the time to step away occasionally and re-energize our body, mind & spirit.

Our intention at AAY! is to create a fun and supportive environment for you to rejuvenate yourself each day with 50 minutes of exercise. We also encourage you to refresh your body daily with healthy food, clean water & adequate sleep.

But, we know that sometimes we need more to recharge our batteries. Here are ten things we like to do to refresh ourselves: 

  1. Call a loved one who lives far away

  2. Invite friends over for a "game night"

  3. Take a day trip to the beach or the mountains

  4. Meditate or pray

  5. Walk around the block

  6. Write in a journal

  7. Hike, bike, run (or picnic!) in a local park

  8. Play with a pet or child

  9. Read a good novel or book of poetry

  10. Take a vacation to a new destination

Find whatever works for YOU and take some time to give your body, mind & spirit what it needs!

Team AAY