How To Establish Your Non-Negotiables


When life gets busy it’s tempting to tell yourself that it’s ok to hit snooze instead of getting to the gym, or skip your healthy breakfast and opt for a cereal bar. But for many of us getting slightly off track can be a slippery slope.

If you miss one workout, you may be more likely to skip your next workout & the one after that. If you skip breakfast, then you may be more likely to overindulge at lunch and maybe dinner too.

We know it’s not always easy or practical to stay 100% consistent, but to be successful in reaching your goals you can’t get thrown completely off track. 

The best way we’ve found to have consistency with a healthy routine is to establish non-negotiables, things that you can honestly commit to doing on a regular basis, no matter what comes up.

Your non-negotiables should be simple & practical so that you’ll always follow through. Identify 2-3 healthy habits you could do on even your busiest, most stressful days. Be mindful that setting the bar too high can lead to frustration & giving up.

To give you some ideas, AAY! Co-Founders, Narina & Elaine share their non-negotiables below:


1) Drink 80 oz. of water daily. (If I’m not done by 4PM, I chug!)

2 ) On days when I don't have time for a full workout, I do 15 min of strength yoga in the morning.

3) Get an average of 7 hours sleep. (When I don't get 7 hours, I take a nap that day or make up for it on the weekend.)


1) Eat a healthy breakfast every morning.

2) Eat at least 5 servings of vegetables per day.

3) Stretch for 10 minutes before bed each night.

We encourage you to identify three simple habits related to your fitness or nutrition that you can commit to on a regular basis. Write them down. Commit to them. These are YOUR non-negotiables.

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