How To Start Over



No matter how consistently you work out, and no matter how fit, strong or fast you are, there comes a day for all of us when something happens to throw us off our game. 

It could be a challenge like an illness, injury or extra stressful work project, but it could also be a blessing like a pregnancy or extended vacation.

At some point we will all face a time when we are not as fit as we once were, and the process of regaining our strength & fitness can feel overwhelming. But, you CAN make progress with the right mindset and the right action plan.

Here are our top tips to help you get back on track.



1. Don't worry about the past. 

It's not helpful to beat yourself up or feel guilty about what you haven't been doing. Instead focus on what action you can take starting today.

2. Have realistic expectations. 

Don't expect to be at the same level of fitness you were before, and don't compete against your former self. You may have to accept that you're no longer the star athlete you once were, but you CAN be as strong & as fit as your current body is capable of.  

3. Focus on what you CAN do.

Instead of saying, "I can't do a jump squat," say, "I CAN do a squat." Instead of "I can't run," say "I can walk." Instead of "I can't walk," say "I can do upper body strength training." No matter what you CAN'T do, there's always something else you CAN do.

4. Have patience. 

Build your fitness back with small, consistent steps. It takes time to regain your strength & endurance. Don't get discouraged if you don't notice a difference right away. The progress is incremental, but it's real. Every workout makes a difference and it's consistency that will make you feel amazing again.

5. Take modifications. 

You know your body best. When something is beyond your current capacity, don't do it! But also, don't give up! Instead, ask your trainer for a modification. A wall pushup in place of a full pushup, a mini squat in place of a jump squat, and walk in place of a run will all help you build your strength & fitness.

Don't be embarrassed to go at your own place. Know that you are setting an example for others by letting them see that it's possible to come back from an injury or illness and still work out.



1. Re-establish the habit. 

Make a commitment to yourself to attend x# of workouts per week for x# of weeks. No excuses.

2. View the AAY! Weekly schedule.

Look for the workouts you want to attend and reserve your classes in advance to help you commit to a routine.

3. Set up your morning for success. 

Set a reminder on your phone. Put your workout clothes out the night before. Prepare your breakfast & healthy morning snack.

4. Reach out to us if you need help with limitations. 

Let us know what you're able to do and AAY trainers will plan modifications for you so that you can participate in any workout.

5. Stay accountable. 

Share your plan with someone else to hold yourself accountable. We are happy to be your accountability partner! Send us an email if you want to share your plan or tell us when you'll be back in class.


Above all, take pride in just showing up.  Making the effort & doing the work truly is the prize. Everything else is just a byproduct.

Team AAYcomp