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On January 1, 2018, AAY! Fitness moved to a new location at the Elevate Fitness Complex. The address is 3000 Dolores St, Los Angeles, CA 90065 (just 3 blocks from our old location, same side of the street, closer to Glendale Blvd.).

Designated parking is available in front of building. Enter through the red door & look for AAY! signs.


We offer four 50-minute classes every weekday morning at the following times: 5:45 am, 7:00 am, 8:00 am and 9:00 am. 

Equipment, exercises, and class format change daily & weekly, but on any given day-of-the-week all classes do the same 50-minute workout.



Full Body Strength: Designed to emphasize functional movement, build a strong foundation & burn maximum calories.


Dynamic Movement: Combining body conditioning, core & cardio exercises to get your heart rate up and increase your physical endurance. 


We provide all equipment. The only thing you need to bring is a bottle of water.

Every workout incorporates a warm up and cool down with stretching to ensure you get the most out of each workout.

All classes are suitable for participants of any fitness level. Modifications and progressions will be demonstrated when needed.

Workouts incorporate different equipment each day, including: TRX, Medicine Balls, Kettle Bells, Dumbbells, Weighted Bars, J-Fit Balls, Tubing, Bands, Pull-Up Bars, BOSUs, Stability Balls, Balance Cushions, Gliders, Plyo Boxes, Steps, Cones, Battling Ropes and body weight.


Looking for more information? Visit our FAQ page.


I am happy to report that my body is still challenged and getting stronger with every workout. I honestly feel like something is missing from my day when I do not attend.
— AAY! Member, Amanda B.
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Reserve Classes

Due to limited class times and spaces, we ask that you reserve your workouts in advance. With the MindBody app, it's super easy to schedule your workouts and check-in to class. Plus, a bonus for Fitbit users, you can connect your activity trackers!