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one of the best decisions I've made

I've been a member at AAY for almost a year and it's been one of the best decisions I've made.  I was looking for a place to start working out after having two kids back to back and AAY has been perfect for me.  Not only do I feel fitter and stronger but I've also made great friends at AAY.  I'd highly recommend AAY to anyone looking for a new place to workout. - Mania A.

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most importantly, it works

I've tried different types of bootcamps with varied results so when I say that AAY is the best, it's coming from someone that's tried almost everything! Close to home, affordable & most importantly, IT WORKS. The instructors make the workouts fun & challenging. They reach out to you when they notice your absence or if you're struggling. Imagine that, a trainer that cares!  - Karla S.

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AAY is more than just a gym or boot camp, it's a community and support system. The trainers care about you and are willing to modify any exercise to fit your needs. This program has changed my lifestyle! Give it a try if you want to try something different than your typical gym. The first class is free, you've got nothing to lose except maybe a few pounds ;) - Leslie A.

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This isn't a bootcamp for the fit. This is a bootcamp for anyone striving to hold a healthy lifestyle. I've never been one to get myself to a gym, and even if I did, I wouldn't know where to start. AAY makes working out feel like an extracurricular activity with trainers that coach you through every move. Just as the members of a sport become family, I have found a family in them. - Armine K.

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Best Shape of my life

I've been an AAY member for more than 5 years. Elaine and Nar have built a wonderful community. I love that they take a 360 degree view of fitness: working out, nutrition and community. It's the first time in my life that I've considered my wellness in a multi dimensional way. And it doesn't hurt that I've been in the best shape of my life.  - Dupe B.

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doing our best and having fun

The instructors and the instructed, (including ourselves), all add up to create an atmosphere which is truly about each and every one of us doing our best and having fun!! This means that we each work at our own individual levels and motivate one other throughout the workout process.

We are thrilled and honored to be able to grow and be inspired by the spectrum of body types, age ranges, and varying abilities everyone brings to the AAY Fitness Community. Come give it a try and unlock the myriad of possibilities within YOU!! GET YOUR AAY ON! - Rigo & Craig

5 out of 5
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i’m loving it

It has been three months since I joined the AAY community and I’m loving it! I feel stronger, more energetic, and have lost 20 lbs! The trainers challenge you with varying strength and dynamic movement exercises and are very supportive no matter what fitness level you’re at. They also offer nutrition programs - an extra tool to help achieve your fitness and health goals! How AWESOME is that! - Ursula V.

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there’s definitely something for everyone

5 stars! AAY is awesome! I’ve tried the gym, personal trainers, doing it myself- nothing ever sticks. But these workouts do! They’re hard, fun and always different. The instructors are great and you can do different levels in the same workout so there’s definitely something for everyone. I feel so much stronger and healthier and I know I’m doing good for my body & mental health. The community is wonderful, everyone is nice and helpful, people there are encouraging and help motivate you! And the nutrition program rocks too. I would highly recommend AAY to anyone!  - Chris P.

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Joining and sticking with AAY was one of the best things I've done for myself. There are no quick tricks here to weight loss and getting in shape but both will happen with time, the constant support of the knowledgeable trainers and the lovely community. I don't think there's a better environment to do it in.

Update: It’s been 3 years now and I’m still loving AAY! I feel so lucky that I found this place. My back is so much stronger and rarely goes out. Amazing. - Savita O.

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